MCR LED Small Light Accessory ( DC)

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  • Upgrade your standard white lighting to Multi-Color Remote Controlled (MCR) LED lighting. The MCR light will change how you experience biOrb.
  • Use the remote to select one of the sixteen preset colors, fade through the entire spectrum of colors, and control the brightness of the lights
  • You can also set automatic 8-, 10-, 12- or 14-hour day and night cycles for a more natural scene
  • The color of the lighting unit perfectly matches the finish of our biOrb aquariums
  • This small MCR Light is suitable for 2nd generation biOrb LIFE 15, TUBE 15 and 35, and all biOrb CLASSIC aquariums
  • Only compatible with aquariums that include a white transformer (model # 73114)
What's included
MCR lighting unit with cable x 1
Remote control with batteries x 1
Lighting trays x 2
(transformer not included)
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