Service Kit

This all-in-one biOrb Service Kit contains everything you need to complete your regular biOrb aquarium maintenance Filter cartridge designed to fit all biOrb aquariums Includes acrylic safe cleaning pad to...

Cleaner Pump

No Description

Air Stone

Assists with the oxygenation of your biOrb to maintain a healthy environment for your fish Depending on your local water supply and the conditions in your biOrb, an air stone...

Service Kit 3 Plus Water Optimiser

This all-in-one biOrb Service Kit x3 plus Water Optimiser contains everything you need to complete your regular biOrb aquarium maintenance Includes 3 pack of biOrb filter cartridges, 3 pack of...

Ceramic Substrate Media (2lbs)

biOrb Ceramic Media is the biological part of the filtration process – as the aquarium cycles, the media slowly gets populated with beneficial bacteria, which makes your aquarium easier to...

Transformer 12 Volt

biOrb transformers are very reliable and rarely need replacing. These 12 volt transformers are the power source for your biOrb's air pump and light. Suitable for all sizes of biOrb...

Bubble Tube Cleaner

The biOrb Bubble Tube Cleaner is a tool designed exclusively for your biOrb to expertly clean the inside and outside of your bubble tube, which is located in the center...
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Air Pump 12 V

Safe, low voltage replacement air pump for any sized biOrb Plugs into biOrb transformer Easy to install

Green Water Clarifier-Service Kit

This all-in-one Service Kit is designed with our customers in mind. To help keep green water problems under control the biOrb Green Water Clarifier Kit can be used in place...

Cleaning Pads

No Description

Scratch Remover Polish

Use the biOrb Scratch Remover Polish kit to remove fine scratches For external use only

MCR Light Accessory Small Serie 7 black

The biOrb MCR Light Accessory is a LED light that allows you to choose your color or set to automatically fade through the color spectrum Remote and coin battery CR...

Polish and Cloth Accessory

No Description

MCR Light Accessory Large

No Description
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